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My PlaceOld Soldier

Hello. Welcome to My Place. Yeah, I know.... That's the most unimaginative title you've ever seen on a Web page. But this isn't much of a place, either. The only reason this place is here at all is in case somebody stumbles in by accident. I'd hate to think of some poor soul wandering the Web and ending up noplace.

The real purpose of this corner of the Web is to serve as home for a set of Web pages. You're welcome to visit them if you'd like. It's the "home page" for a Webring of sites devoted to the Civil War, a.k.a. The War Between the States. If you're not familiar with Webrings, check this one out.

The Civil War Circuit

If you get too bored around My Place, you can always visit one of my Civil War sites. You can see pictures of over 400 Civil War generals at this one.

General Officers of the Civil War

And this one has a variety of Civil War-related stuff: pages honoring Maj. Gen. John F. Reynolds and Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, a visual quiz about women of the war, and tons of information, tips and resources for authors of Civil War Web pages.

Civil War Miscellany

Hope you find something of interest to you. If not, you can always go away.